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I just sent this feedback through McDonald's website:

The manager at this store sent customers away in an amazing display of stupidity.

I arrived at 10:45 and stood in line for 10 minutes waiting to order breakfast, which is served until 11am. There was only one register open and about 10 people in line. When I was finally 3 away from being served, the manager said to her employees that that was it, they had to switch over to the lunch menu right then. I and many other of the customers who had been waiting to order breakfast voiced our frustration, to which the manager said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. She claimed she was out of breakfast food. If that was true, she should have announced it to her waiting customers when she became aware of the situation. We could have saved 10 minutes of pointless waiting in line and possibly made it to another nearby McDonalds in time.

At the very least, the manager should have tried to fill the orders of the 10 people who were in line at the moment she decided to change the menu. Find out what they want to order and if she isn't out of it yet, serve it. She could'nt have been out of every single breakfast menu item at exactly the same time.

Why turn away customers who are willing to pay? And why switch the menu when none of the customers waiting in line are waiting to order lunch? This manager does not know how to manage. She wasn't even just being strict to the clock... it was actually several before 11am.

As a customer, I can handle being told that they're out of the item I wanted to order. I can handle being told that breakfast is only served until 11:00 and it was 11:01. I can handle being told as I walk in the door that only those who were already in line will be able to order breakfast even if it's not 11:00 yet. But none of these reasonable scenarios happened, and I can't handle the incompetence of this manager. I will not return to her store.

I walked out hungry and incredibly angry and got breakfast at IHOP instead. But I really wanted a McGriddle.

Think I'll get any free food out of it? Hopefully some of the other customers complained too and she'll get canned. That would really be better than free food.
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