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Happy Birthday, America!
I hope everyone has some great plans for the Fourth... I'll honor the occasion here by posting video from my 1994 piano recitcal in which I played the 1812 Overture. :)

Showing here.

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I always forget how much of that I don't know.

OMG... just realized there is NO MUSIC ON THE PIANO. I think that is someplace in between insanity and genius. :-)

Yeah, well I heard it a lot that year because we were learning it in band so I had it memorized like a song stuck in my head... an 8-minute song. :) Plus each section just flows to the next and there's not much repetition.

BTW, when I hear the unabridged version, I forget how much even *I* don't know!

I like what you did with the cannon stuff. Verily cool. :)

One of the old ladies present at the recital thought there were some rude motorcycles outside. :) It was pretty hard to make a realistic cannon sound indoors with the tools I had at the time. Of course, today I could've played an actual recording of one with that foot pedal. Oh well.

awwww.... cute little danny on the piano.

:c ) very nice. made me feel patriotic.
the old kind of patriotic.

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