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So, I'm back. Did anyone even notice I was offline?

For about 2 months I knew my drive was having problems and I had been trying to get a decent backup of it, but every backup solution I tried failed, even imaging the entire drive with Ghost.

In the end, I got a new drive, plus an external drive for backups, then simply copied the entire old drive to the external drive using xcopy and it only missed 10 files. Unfortunately I haven't figured out which ones yet.

Once I do, I'll remove the old drive because... get this... NOW it's reporting a S.M.A.R.T. status of "failed." After 2 months. Nice. So my system won't boot with that drive in it without me being here to hit F4.

And for the record, I suspect Diskeeper. I've read of others who had drives trashed by it. So I won't be reinstalling that.

In other news, I backed into my garage door the other day. As I got into my car I thought, "hmm, it didn't sound like it took as long to go up as it usually does," but I attributed that to a mental distraction distorting my perception of time. Before I backed up, I looked out the rear window and saw clear outside, but as I backed up, I heard a crunch. It had indeed stopped going up just out of view above the top window, but still low enough to hit.

It's not so bad though. The door's bottom panel is slightly bowed out at the bottom and has wrinkles on the inside but nothing visible on the outside. My rear window has some white (paint?) streaks that seem like they'll rub out. So that just leaves some scratches on plastic parts around and above the window and the center brake light. No biggie. But my coworkers still had fun with it. :-P
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