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Dan Price

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I was just thinking... what a remarkable machine the human body is. :) How everything works together... it's amazing. Like, I was thinking about blood flow... how fast the blood moves through the vessels... and I'm not sure how accurate this is but it makes sense to me that even though blood vessels are all different sizes at different distances from the heart, at just about any point the blood is probably moving at about the same speed, because while the vessels get smaller, which would force the blood to move faster, there are also more and more vessels, which counteracts that. And if that's true, it's really amazing. :) I wonder how many humans were lost in trial stages due to exploding capillaries... hehehehe (that's a joke, I'm not that stupid).

I guess Hollow Man got me thinking about this. I saw that Saturday and the part where they show the injection following the bloodstream through an invisible body was really interesting to me. :) Impressive effects in that movie!
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