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I Need Cufflinks

Any suggestions?

I went shopping for new dress shirts and ties for work, and didn't realize until I got home that one of the shirts has cuffs that require cufflinks. And I have no cufflinks.

So the other day Jamie and I went to the mall and walked from Kaufmann's to Sears to JC Penny to Bon Ton and the selection of cufflinks at department stores sucks. I'm not going to a wedding or dinner with Donald Trump. I just want my cuffs to stay closed at work.

I thought maybe there'd be some novelty cufflinks I could buy online... perhaps something geeky since I work with computer networking geeks. If they had RJ-45 connector cufflinks that would rock. But I couldn't find any. I did find some cufflinks made out of circuit boards, but they're a bit pricey. Again, I don't want to spend a lot here. If I'm spending more on the cufflinks than I did on the shirt, that's a bit crazy, so let's try to keep it below $35ish.

In other news, holy lack of updates, Batman! I know, I'm terrible. Well today Jamie and I went for a walk along the canal, which opened this past weekend. We got home and plotted it out on Google Earth and determined that we walked just over 4 miles. I really like biking better, but Jamie prefers walking. I'll probably be able to find someone to bike with me occasionally though.

Well, last weekend I got to see Suzy and her boyfriend Rob. Jamie, Ron and I met them at Macaroni Grill for dinner and then came back to our place to hang out, catch up, play games, listen to me play piano. :) And the weekend before that I got to see Catherine, Mike and Heather who were in town for the a cappella concert at RIT. So awesome to be seeing old friends again. I've felt so out of touch since people started graduating and leaving the area.

And the weekend before that, Jamie's sister Julie had her baby! Her water broke as Jamie and I were driving back from our trip to VA Sunday afternoon, but she wasn't progressing so fast that I'd have to skip my nephew's birthday party, so we got to stop in there and see my family, then head home and rest a bit before going to the hospital. Owen was finally born at 1am... See pictures! We finally got out of there around 2:30am and I got a good *cough* 3 hours of sleep before I had to get up for work. Jamie was able to just skip work, but I had an important all-day meeting I had to attend. I managed to stay conscious, actually. :)

And sometime between then and now I a bug that's been going around. But I'm mostly better now.

Oh! And also 2 weekends ago we built Jamie's new computer. I helped her pick out all the parts on newegg.com, building the system around the video card that she wanted because it was highly recommended for playing WoW. We got a lot of the pieces on Friday, but not the case, so we couldn't actually assemble it until that came the following Monday. We got the whole thing assembled and it worked great... except for the monitor. It was DOA. Basically a nice paper weight. The power button did nothing. Jamie was all excited about having a nice new LCD, too. Well, she's making do with her old CRT for now.

But meanwhile the RMA process for the LCD is proving to be a major headache. First, newegg's automated RMA process doesn't handle LCD monitors. The site says that those RMA need to go through the manufacturer. This is probably because the majority of RMAs are for LCDs with dead pixels, and how many dead pixels are allowed is a manufacturer specification. But it sucks that Jamie's LCD had a totally different problem but she had to go through the process designed for everyone else anyway. Well after several e-mail exchanges with Rosewill's support "professionals" with the English skills of a shoe horn, they told her that her RMA would be handled by newegg instead and said they'd be contacting her. So newegg finally e-mails her 5 business days after she could've processed the RMA herself online for any other product... And now they say they *might* refund her the cost of shipping her defective unit back even though it's not their policy to do so. WTF? She already paid shipping once. Why should this $30 for sending the dead unit back come out of her pocket? So unfair. Well hopefully they'll receive the unit this Friday and be able to give her some good news about a replacement unit being on its way.

I guess that's all for now... Thanks for reading this far! :) Just for you, I'll share this secret: (psswswswsswswss)
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