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ESL is removing their ATMs from all the Bruegger's Bagels locations. Apparently I'm the only one who found them useful, since I go there at least 2-3 times a month either for lunch or to pick up company breakfast. ESL says they're working on expanding their community branch and ATM networks, but no matter where they put them, it'll be a special trip for me just to find an ATM if it's not in Bruegger's. I don't really go anywhere else as frequently. So unless they install them in all the other places I only go once a month or less, I don't see how this will be good for me. Still, I trust they'll do something reasonable and/or I'll adapt.

Well, shortly Jamie and I will be off to her sister Julie's baby shower. The only problem with parents-to-be choosing to not know the baby's sex until birth is that people don't know what color of cute stuff to buy for the shower. :-P

Happy Saturday, all!

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How many times do you use an ATM in a month? I'd say my usage is about once, maybe twice, just to get cash out.

Same here, once, maybe twice a month. I hardly use cash at all, so it doesn't go fast. But Bruegger's was the most convenient place for me to replenish when funds started getting low.

Plus it acted as a reminder for me, being right inside the door, I'd see it and ask myself whether I'm getting low on cash, thus keeping my funds in check on a regular basis without any need to make a special trip anywhere just for the sake of getting cash. I have a hard time remembering things that happen too infrequently enough to become habits. Since I don't use cash that much, I don't need to hit up an ATM all that frequently, so a reminder is very helpful.

It's not the end of the world or anything. I could also get cash just as easily when I get lunch at Wegmans by using my check card and asking for cash back. But Wegman's is just farther away and I don't go as often.

Buy yellow or green! ;-p

Aww, I miss Bruegger's! There aren't any around here. 8-\ I have to go when I'm out there in a few weeks. Yum. That stinks about the atm's though.

Yeah, that's exactly what we did. Yellows and greens. :)

It'll be awesome to see you when you're in town! :-D

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