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ESL is removing their ATMs from all the Bruegger's Bagels locations. Apparently I'm the only one who found them useful, since I go there at least 2-3 times a month either for lunch or to pick up company breakfast. ESL says they're working on expanding their community branch and ATM networks, but no matter where they put them, it'll be a special trip for me just to find an ATM if it's not in Bruegger's. I don't really go anywhere else as frequently. So unless they install them in all the other places I only go once a month or less, I don't see how this will be good for me. Still, I trust they'll do something reasonable and/or I'll adapt.

Well, shortly Jamie and I will be off to her sister Julie's baby shower. The only problem with parents-to-be choosing to not know the baby's sex until birth is that people don't know what color of cute stuff to buy for the shower. :-P

Happy Saturday, all!
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