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(no subject)
Inspired by an observation at work this morning... (actually a fairly accurate recreation)

(Yes, my comic drawing skills suck.)

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*yea* for conference calls! :-P

I don't get it... :c /

what is that thing? a phone?

Yeah, but it's a Cisco IP phone that stands up at a high angle, hence the weirdness and undrawability. :)

Basically the funny part is that Don walked between Tom's and Mike's desks while they were on speakerphone with each other. Don's personality adds to the humor, too, but I coudln't portray that.

Heck, I didn't even bother to draw a 3rd figure to be Mike. Yay, horizontal flipping! :)

It would have been funny... if it didn't take me about five minutes of rereading it to get it. I don't know if that's a reflection of the cartoon or my zonedoutedness after getting home from classes.

Yeah, it's a very specific sequence of events and it would easily be confusing if you were to, say, read the captions out of order. They're supposed to be read from the top down, especially in the first frame where they're staggered.

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