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I won at the game of Life as an athlete with a $100,000 salary without attending college. Woohoo!

Jamie went to college to become a police officer. She retired first but with far less.

Totally realistic, isn't it? :-P

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hehehe.... that is realistic. And sad.

I MISS PLAYING GAMES! You guys have to keep Friday April 7th open as a game night when I'm up for NOAC.

I only had $1,600,000... such a loser! After I had totalled up my Life tiles, Dan had more money than me even without counting HIS Life tiles. Luckily, I have the satisfaction of knowing that in the REAL game of Life, I'm a winner and Dan's a loser. :P

It's funny because it's true. :)

Big Goon: "Hey everybody... WHAT'S HIS NAME?"

Corner Crew: LOSER!

You do realize that the mojority of people delivered those lines this season were in fact winners, right? :)

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