Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I walked in the door at work this morning and was hit with the smell of breakfast... Apparently our shipping guy was cooking breakfast for everyone. Awesome! :) Today was bagel day anyway, and I didn't make my way over to the kitchen until after most people had eaten, so Todd thought he was done cooking, but then saw me and asked if I wanted some eggs. He was making eggs to order for everyone. I already had my bagel in the toaster, so I asked if he could make a nice little bagel-sized circle of eggs. "Oh, you want a puck! You got it, one of my famous egg pucks coming right up." He grabs a little glass bowl and breaks two eggs into it, beats them up, then throws them in the microwave. 45 seconds later he plopped an inch-thick puck of eggs onto my bagel. I love it here. :)

Speaking of pucks, tonight is hockey!
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