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I walked in the door at work this morning and was hit with the smell of breakfast... Apparently our shipping guy was cooking breakfast for everyone. Awesome! :) Today was bagel day anyway, and I didn't make my way over to the kitchen until after most people had eaten, so Todd thought he was done cooking, but then saw me and asked if I wanted some eggs. He was making eggs to order for everyone. I already had my bagel in the toaster, so I asked if he could make a nice little bagel-sized circle of eggs. "Oh, you want a puck! You got it, one of my famous egg pucks coming right up." He grabs a little glass bowl and breaks two eggs into it, beats them up, then throws them in the microwave. 45 seconds later he plopped an inch-thick puck of eggs onto my bagel. I love it here. :)

Speaking of pucks, tonight is hockey!

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oooh.. that sounds yummy! Did he put the eggs in something special when they were in the microwave? Sounds pretty cool. I'm having oatmeal for breakfast.

He covered it loosely just to protect the microwave... but other than that, nothing special, just a glass bowl with a flat bottom... he might have PAMed it. And don't quote me on the time... that's just what it felt like. YMMV anyway. :)

Y2005 to you too!

So, was it the shape of the bowl for the most part?

Maybe it should be YTMV... microwaves don't really have mileage. :-P

Yeah, the bowl shape was key. Oh, and I think he flipped it over half way through, somehow... Or not... I guess in a microwave it wouldn't matter. He did stop it half way through, but maybe just to look.

Oh my god! You posted something! *check outside to see if the sky is falling*

OMG! I thought the same thing, but we have no windows, so I couldn't check.

We knew that.

*high fives Jamie*

Damn you're quick on the replies. :-P

Except when I'm not sitting in front of my e-mail waiting for replies to come in. :-P

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