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First Run
So, here it is. A recording of me playing my new piano. Appropriately, I'm playing "First Run" by Jon Schmidt. :)

3.5 MB MP3

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Wow, pretty awesome sound that thing gets. :)

Just curious, how did you record that?

Well first I used the recording feature on the piano itself until I captured a performance I liked, then I hooked up audio cables from the piano's L/R output to my computer's line-in to record it playing back.

Unfortunately, according to the manual, playback of tracks recorded on the piano doesn't send signals over MIDI, so I wouldn't have any way to save a performance forever. :( And the piano only has 2 tracks for recording. I guess to save it forever I'd have to have MIDI constantly hooked up and record the performances that way instead. Other pianos at Guitar Center had more recording features, but their key action sound quality wasn't as good. I think I'll live. :)

Ah. That's cool though.

I've got one that's got more recording capabilities, but not that great sound or key action either. The annoying part is I can't figure out how to get into midi or whatnot on my mac (laptop) and my pc (desktop) is in another room. ::shrug:: I've been trying just a straight record with the laptop but it doesn't come out too well. ::shrug::

Great. Post a file that I can only download at work when I've just gotten home for the weekend.

Not that i should complain or anything since I've been complaining that you haven't posted anything... *retracts complaint*

Consider it a little encouragement to get broadband at home or move someplace where you can. ;)

::blocks Dan from Catherine's attack::

She's been trying. :(

So beautiful!! I so love the piano, and you play wonderfully

More more! Make a pod cast or something :)

Interesting idea... Would that take a lot of work? If I could just automatically podcast anything I play from day to day, that would be awesome. :) Sure beats manually recording, encoding, uploading and linking MP3s.

I don't know much about it.... But I think Pod casts are more like audio journals with rss feeds... So I guess you'd still have to record it first. There is software specifically designed for pod casting, but I think you start with the files already done and it puts them together or adds effects. .. It would do the posting and linking though maybe...

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