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Piano Photos

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Beautiful!! I demand audio proof of your talent :)

Nice icon. I played that on it already. :)

Pretty! :-) I like Jamie's reading chair, too.

I'd request pictures of the whole appartment, but hopefully I'll get to see it when I'm up in April. :-)

Ooh! You're coming up in April? Yeah, you definately have to stop by and visit. Maybe Dan will even be unpacked by then. :P

haha! Hopefully! I'm planning a road trip for the first full weekend in April... Brick City Singers is having their annual concert, and I'm going to need a full dose of Rochester by then. :-)

Hrm... would that be the 1st or the 8th? I'm supposed to be going to Virginia from the 30th through the 2nd.

oh, dur. the 8th. I always forget that Friday isn't technically the weekend. :-P

Cool, that should work out fine then. Do you have someplace to stay up here? And yay for hijacking Dan's post! :P

Yup. I made hotel reservations a few weeks ago (Mike is most likely coming too) so I/we should be all set. A game night (or something) is definitely in order for Friday night!

*waves to Dan* Oh, hi! Is this your journal? whoops. See all the kinds of fun you can have when you post more often? :-D

(Deleted comment)
Well I'll definitely invite you over sometime after I'm finally unpacked. I'm almost there. :) I'd love to hear you play it... I'm sure you have some more beautiful stuff to play that will really let the piano shine, whereas I tend to just play powerful stuff that tests piano's technical limits. :P Supposely it has 64-note polyphony, but in "North Pole Express" there's a part where a loud bass octave is played and sustained with the pedal while both hands play tinkly stuff way up high, and I could swear it must be at least 64 notes worth of tinkly stuff, but the bass octave still held through as long as I could hear. Awesome. :)

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