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got keys?

I do... 88 of them! And they sound quite nice. :)


Last night Jamie and I went out to dinner at Bazil - she had a $25 gift certificate and the bill came to $24.47. Not bad! :) Then we went shopping for my piano at Guitar Center. I had already done my research and knew the Yamaha YDP-223 was my first choice, but I thought I should try the others on the floor there just for comparison. They didn't sound or feel as good at all, even the more expensive ones. So I went with my first choice. Turns out it doesn't come fully assembled, which is good because that means the box fit in my Jimmy so I could take it home that night. :)

But first we went to Target to get some shopping done. I got a bunch of storage bins, a tie rack and various cleaning supplies. While there, we bumped into Jason and Holly registering for their wedding!

Then we got home and faced the music... or at least the instrument. We managed to carry the huge box from my truck to the bottom of the stairs just inside the interior garage door, and then I got to get under it with my shoulder and slide it up the stairs while Jamie guided the top. As I pushed it into the living room and to the end of my reach, I collapsed on the floor for dramatic effect. :)

So then we got the whole thing unpacked and assembled in the dining room next to Jamie's reading chair. It was definitely a two-person job. I'll post pictures later. :) And eventually some sound bytes I'm sure.
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