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The Move, Part 2

Well I did it.

We did it.

With the help of Mom, Dad and Jamie, I got moved in one weekend. Starting where Part 1 left off, I loaded up my car and headed over to Jamie's. When I got there, she was in the middle of moving her enormous armoire from my bedroom-to-be into her bedroom. So I helped her finish that, then we unloaded both cars, got lunch at Subway and drove separately back to the house to load up more stuff in our two cars, plus bigger stuff into Mom's van. Dad drove the van back, following me and Jamie, then we unloaded the van so I could ride back with Dad to get the last few things while Jamie stayed behind and unloaded her car and rearranged her bedroom.

When Dad and I got back to the house, he made dinner for me and mom, then we packed all the remaining stuff into the van and we drove back, unloaded it, and Dad headed home. Then Jamie and I unloaded my car, then loaded an old desk and chair into it to take over to the dumpster. Then she nuked herself a diet-friendly dinner and we watched Thursday night's Daily Show and Colbert Report. Bush staring at the broken camera was PRICELESS! lol... We replayed that part several times.

So, now my new bedroom is a bit of a mess with boxes all over the place, but we're making it a goal to go through a few of them every day and throw out the things I've been saving unnecessarily. I'm quite thankful we got all the moving done by Saturday night because it rained all day Sunday. So we got to use Sunday to work on arranging my room and getting our computers hooked back up to the Internet. That required a trip to Circuit City to get a new router though. I got to use the gift card my brother gave me for Christmas. After the rebate and gift card, I'll have paid about $5 for this Netgear WGR614. We also went grocery shopping, got a key made for me, and I programmed the button in my car to open the garage door.

This morning's drive to work was a LOT shorter. It only took me 13 minutes without even using expressways. I'll try various ways to see what's best...

Mom says her dogs have been exploring my empty room looking confused. I'm sure Dad will miss cooking for me too, yeah, and Mom is hopeless on the computer without me to yell at down the hall, so I'll definitely have to visit from time to time. ;)

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