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I was just reading someone's entry talking about direction in life and how we can't see the future in our 4-D world, and it got me thinking...

Why can't we see the future? I mean, why can't it be predictable. The 4-D universe is governed by the laws of physics. I don't mean I'm putting any sort of faith in what our scientists and physicists have theorized. What I mean is that if the exact same event happens between the exact same atoms in the exact same circumstances any number of times, the outcome will always be the same. Take all such events and outcomes, and call them laws, because they're always the same. These laws govern our 4-D universe.

So then, what is life? Are we really anything more than just a huge collection of matter that is governed by these same laws? Perhaps the fact that I'm typing this right now is simply a result of all these laws governing the matter that makes up my body. I'll sooner believe this than be convinced that there's any sort of magic involved. Although, believing this means that everyone's fate is predetermined. Sure, I can decide to type a WORD in all caps here just for the heck of it, but that decision was still the result of the matter in my brain being governed by these laws.

Taking all that into consideration, why wouldn't it be possible to predict the future? Very difficult, yes, but still possible. It would be like a very complex computer program. Most competent programmers can look through some lines of code and predict exactly what the result will be, because computers are governed by these sets of rules and so their actions are predictable (despite what any computer-illiterate person might tell you).

The only question that remains is consciousness. How do I explain the fact that I'm conscious of being who I am, where I am, at this time? How did my consciousness get associated with this particular body? I could say that the apparent consciousness of other beings I see around me could simply be the result of laws governing the matter that makes them up... after all, my analysis of them can only be based on what I can observe as an outside entity. The only body to which I am an inside entity is my own, and although my consciousness is convinced that it can decide to do anything it wants, it's also thinking that maybe it's simply controlled by laws like all the others it observes through this body's senses. Still, it doesn't understand where this false sense of being in control comes from.

I don't even know what to think about what happens after this body "dies."
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