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Hot Dog Stand lunch on January 4th... Woohoo!

Also... Hot Dog Stand lunch on January 4th... WTF???

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There's something wrong with hot dogs all the time. Eewness.

*throws hotdogs at Heather*

You must not be German. :-P

If I'm going to eat meat, I prefer it be real not shaped like... well... a hot dog. Personal preference, nothing to do with hertiage, 'cause actually I am a tad German. Also, I'm from Rhode Island and I don't do seafood.

Germans like their meat encased. :-P

I support hot dog eating year round!

You've never been to Ted's.

It wouldn't matter where. Hot dogs in general gross me out somehow. 8-p

I will not stoop so low as to insert a weiners joke here.

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