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Hot Dog Stand lunch on January 4th... Woohoo!

Also... Hot Dog Stand lunch on January 4th... WTF???

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*yea* for Hot Dogs! I almost brought one for lunch today. What is wrong with Hot Dogs in January?

There's something wrong with hot dogs all the time. Eewness.

*throws hotdogs at Heather*

You must not be German. :-P

If I'm going to eat meat, I prefer it be real not shaped like... well... a hot dog. Personal preference, nothing to do with hertiage, 'cause actually I am a tad German. Also, I'm from Rhode Island and I don't do seafood.

Germans like their meat encased. :-P

I support hot dog eating year round!

You've never been to Ted's.

It wouldn't matter where. Hot dogs in general gross me out somehow. 8-p

I will not stoop so low as to insert a weiners joke here.

There's nothing wrong with it, but it's just odd because in the past 2 years I've worked down the street from there, it has been a summer-only hot dog stand. I figured she did something else in the winter. But apparently if there's a warm winter day, she'll come out and set up for that one day.

And she serves more than hot dogs... also sausage, burgers, and chicken breast sandwiches prepared in various ways.

That sounds really good... mmmm... too bad I'm going to a pizza place for lunch today. :-P

Ooh. That sounds really nifty then. Summer places opening up in the Winter is always cool. :)

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