Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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Happy New Year!

But why did the sign in Times Square say 2004!?!? Did we flunk 2005 and go back a year?

Yes, when you could see the whole thing it was a 6, but in most shots the bottom half of the numbers was hidden and the style of that 6 made it look like a 4 from the waist up! Bad planning. :-P

So yeah, I went to jhoover's party where there was plenty of booze to go around, and somehow I didn't manage to get drunk at all. I had like 4 drinks but I guess my tolerance is way higher than that so I didn't find it. I crashed there for the night anyway, rather than being on the road with all the idiots who DID find their tolerance. Even driving home this morning I had to quickly pass someone who was going random speeds and angles along 104.
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