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Dan Price

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I'm gonna cry. I had a lengthy conversation with a friend about the current state of my life and what to do next.... specifically, paying for college.... I do appreciate my friend's effort to help... but nevertheless, it left me even more depressed. I just get thinking how I don't belong in this society... the way education and careers work... maybe I'm just trying to be more than I am. I can do simple things. Running a lightboard in a theatre... maybe you don't call that simple, but to me it's far simpler than being a team leader in a Fortune 500 company... a term I don't even fully understand, because I'm just not a business man. I don't have any desire to enter a company and climb the corporate ladder. Yes, that's where the money is... but only for the people who can handle that sort of job. That's beyond me. No, that sounds negative. It's not a matter of being beyond my abilities. It's a matter of my abilities being perfectly strong just in a different area. That area isn't the corporate world.

I don't even know what to write anymore.
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