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Thanks, Jon.

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No details?

And what is up with your life?!?!? DUDE.

Ok, details...

I think I got more out of the movie than I did out of the original play. I only got the basic idea of it by seeing the play. Some people are having a tough life in NYC, some are gay, some have AIDS, and they all love to sing (ok I know that's not part of the story but just how it's told). Even having listened to the soundtrack all these years since then, it never really sunk in. I never felt connected to the characters. Until the movie. So thanks not just to Jonathan Larson, but to everyone who brought that to me.

I was very pleased with the production, too. I was afraid they'd change the format too much, but they didn't. The biggest change is that some of the dialog that was sung in the play was spoken more naturally in the movie, which I think made it easier to understand. It was just a little weird knowing the exact words that would be spoken by having the lyrics memorized though. :) Also, I thought the music was performed just as well, if not better than the Broadway soundtrack.

As for my life, yeah, I need to post more...

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