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Corner Crew musings...

Me: Doesn't that guy down in front look like a young Chex?
Fishy: Yeah. And I keep thinking that girl over there is Catherine.
Me: Yup.
Fishy: It makes you wonder if we're all as unique as we think we are.
Me: I was just thinking the same thing!


Ref: (Sucks.)
Guy in yellow shirt: Hey, cocksucker!
Ref: Throw him out.
Announcer: Security to the penalty box area.
Staff: (Points at yellow shirt guy.)
Security: (Looks at yellow shirt guy.)
Guy in Corner Crew: Hey, yellow shirt guy, they're pointing at you! Get out of here!
Yellow shirt guy: Moi?
Game: (Distracts from events in the stands.)
Goon: Excuse me, how much time is left?
Announcer: Last minute of play in the period. Last minute of play.
Corner Crew: Thank you!
Corner Crew: The refs suck cock! The refs suck cock! The refs suck cock! (...)
Goon: I just want to thank you all for the phone call I'll get Monday morning.
Yellow shirt guy: (Watches last minute of play through window from outside.)
Tags: cocksucker, corner crew, hockey, rit, unique
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