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New Orleans?
I-490 near Culver

Nope, Rochester.

'Day's worth' of rain in 2 hours today floods cars, fills basements

(photo gallery saved for posterity)

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Yipes. Yeah, flash flooding is bad. I think most of the Norhteast has been so dry this summer too that this huge amount at once is just nuts and overtakes everything. You didn't get in any of that did ya?

Nope, I was at work and we had lunch brought in, so I wasn't out on the roads until everything was dry. The great thing about being above sea level is that it will drain on its own, eventually. :)

It was mostly confined to underpasses and streets with only engineered drainage that just couldn't handle the volume. The only residences that were affected were some basement-level apartments in a complex in Irondequoit where 3-4 feet of water rushed in and moved furniture around and destroyed everything for about 25 people.

At home, our back yard flooded, but nothing worse than we've seen before such as after a big snow melt.

(Deleted comment)
Well in the case of being on an expressway, which that Mini Bug was, I'm not sure if it's less wise to drive into a pool or to turn around and oppose traffic. In most cases I think people didn't realize it was more than a puddle until they got axle-deep into it, so it's not like they were parked on the edge and decided to make a go at it instead of just sitting there.

Still, I don't discount the plenitude of idiots out there. :)

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