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Ah, much better. :)

I was getting quite annoyed at the fact that over half the noise in my PC was coming from the tiny little fan on my video card's stock cooler. So I looked around and discovered this super-quiet Zalman VGA cooler that is compatible with my card.

It arrived today and I installed it... Sweet!!! Now my PC is so quiet I'm hearing strange little processing noises I never heard before... lol

Click for album.

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It is pretty. Now you just need a clear case to show it off! :-D

Actually the P-160WF model comes with a window in the side panel, but that model was out of stock when I ordered my parts. Looks like it still is! Or maybe they just can't keep it on the shelf because it's so popular.

I could order just the side panel with the window, but I read in some reviews that the window resonates at just the wrong frequency with fans and stuff inside. Plus there's no way to see the window where my PC sits right now anyway. Maybe when I move into my mansion and have my PC sitting in the middle of a big white empty room like a piece of art, I'll put the window in. By then, it'll only be worth looking at anyway, right? :)

I am totally throwing you a mansion warming party. Just let me know where and when. :-D

Awesome! Who would you bring in for live music?

Billy Joel. :-D

Just hurry up and get a mansion before he O.D.s

If he's going to O.D., I say find out when so I can hold the party at his (read: "my") mansion the night before. :)

So... now you have to track those down and silence them?

Nah, if I was that obsessed I would get a Zalman "Totally No Noise" case and iRam instead of a hard drive. :)

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