May 11th, 2010


Me being a smartass...

YouTube spam from episodeman82:

Heya,How long have you been a youtuber? you vids seem very entertaining. Mabye your just not promoteing you vids good that y they arent gettin noticed as much as they shud be. I got a link to a video that has great tip on getting notice and getting a feature on youtube, you should check it out if you want to get ur vids noticed alot more. heres the link:

You have to do sum small survey b4 they let u watch it but its only a short 1.
Take care

My reply:

Hello. How long have you been a promotional writer? Your goal seems very simple. Maybe your failure to use respectable writing skills is the reason your messages aren't as effective as they should be. I have a link to a site that has great tips on improving the quality of your writing. You should check it out if you want better responses to your marketing efforts. Here's the link:

They also want you to buy their book but it's only $10.17.
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