August 16th, 2009


Is this heaven? No, It's Iowa.

Just about to start the second leg of our drive out to Sun Valley, ID.  Haven't really seen Iowa yet, since we drove in after dark. 

There was some huge event back in Illinois that had traffic backed up in both directions at one exit...  after getting through that, we got off to find food.  Wendy's looked like a good option, if only we could get to it...  We could see the sign sticking way up in the air, but apparently the most likely turn to find their parking lot was the wrong one, and we had to drive around a block to come at it from the other side.  Then we find out that they sell their new Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings, but they have no blue cheese dressing...?  They practically looked at us funny like it was an absurd request.  We settled for ranch dressing.  I guess people around here just eat buffalo sauce with nothing to cool it down.
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