August 12th, 2008


We're trying to watch a dive, here!

The other night Jamie and I were watching Olympic diving while a thunderstorm was passing through, when suddenly

FLASH-KZZZZ-CRACK!!! (rumblerumblerumble...)

Holy cow, that was like RIGHT HERE. I swear I heard each of the 8 or so individual up/down strokes of the lightning bolt that hit somewhere in back of our house... It sounded like a police tazer only much faster and louder.

So, while a diver (or synchronized pair, I forget) began a dive, we were peeling ourselves off the ceiling and checking out the back windows for any trees on fire. We finally calmed down and sat back down to continue watching TV. We missed the dive, so Jamie rewinds it to watch it again, but I'm still preoccupied with the lightning strike and I say something, to which she responds, and while talking we miss the dive again. So she rewinds it again and says, "OK, let's watch this dive now."

And then... *CLICK*RRRRRrrrrrrwwww..... (darkness)

HA. Priceless. 3 seconds later,

*lights,beeps,clicks*wwwrrrrrRRRR...*CLICK*RRRRRrrrrrrwwww..... (darkness)

OK... seriously?

The power came back on about a minute later and we successfully watched the dive. Then it went out again about 5 minutes later in the same off-on-off-pause-on fashion. The DVR was probably ready to kill us.
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