December 24th, 2005


So... TSO...

...Kicked ...ASS!!!

Now it feels like Christmas. :)

I was in awe at their movable lighting trusses. What sick-minded designer thought that up? In one way it's good that the lights mounted to them are movable too, but in another way it's a nightmare that the computer controlling them needs to account for the movement of the truss! Usually they only moved between songs, but a few times they moved during complex lighting sequences. The effect was well worth it, whatever pains they had to go through in getting that to work.

Pyrotechnics! I don't recall them using those before, but that was definitely cool. Different colored flames, too!

LEDs! I should've predicted this because it makes so much sense... LEDs for stage lighting! Those traffic lights are so bright. So why not fill the stage with them? :) They used them well. But one malfunctioned towards the end of a song and it stayed on shining red into the blackout... until some techie ran out and fixed it. Fortunately it was on the stage, not hung out of reach. I thought they'd just unplug it, but it was actually working after that, so I guess maybe its communication cable just came loose. Shouldn't computer-controlled lights fail to an off state when communications are lost though? In any case they fixed it quick and without disruption before the next song, so good job there. I'll bet most people didn't even know anything went wrong.

Lasers! Of course... Red and green ones.

Bell Lights! Actually, they were just their regular movable lights, the bigger ones, but in this one song where the lyrics mentioned bells ringing, they had the big movable lights point down and swing back and forth like bells. That was awesome. :)

Snow! Of the soapy variety. It didn't reach us though... just the people within 20 rows of the stage.

Drum solo! Dude, that was basically an electronic fireworks display (the finale part). I wonder if that was the inspiration... Because it felt just like it.

Proposal! That's right, one of the fans proposed to his girlfriend there at the show. He had e-mailed the band about his plan, and between songs they mentioned it, asking if he was there. They shone the bright white movable lights out into the audience and found the guy with everyone around him standing up and pointing to him a section or two over from us. She said yes! (Not that there was any pressure. :) )

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All in all, an excellent evening. Now I have Christmas cookies to finish decorating tomorrow. :)
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You won!

Play Again

You were thinking of stupidity.
Is it used for entertainment? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it native to Asia? You said No, I say Probably.
Is it used in a game? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it shaped like a hot dog? You said No, I say Probably.
Is it transparent? You said Unknown, I say No.

Apparently some people don't play the game right... :)

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