December 20th, 2005


Lucky Day

Holy cow, I better buy a lottery ticket!

This morning as I was working at my desk, Ken walked up behind me, placed his hand on my shoulder, leanded in and whispered, "I'm putting you in for a raise." Woohoo! I didn't ask how much, but every little bit helps towards finding a house or whatever...

And then during lunch I played poker with some coworkers, and wiped them all out! We all started with 1000 in chips (no real money). I took out my manager in the first hand, and the other 3 players over the next half hour or so. One player even bought back in for another 500 and I took him out again! So all told, I ended up with 5500. Up 450% on the day. Not too shabby. :) I just kept getting good hands... Ace here, pocket pair there... And the community cards just kept on working in my favor. I couldn't collect my chips fast enough before the next hand!

Now if I could just get  CENSORED  this would be a perfect day. :)
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