October 9th, 2005


Jon Stewart!

I saw Jon Stewart last night! OMG OMG OMG...

Well he was great of course. I wish we had better seats, but at least the screen behind him was so huge we could see every pore on his face from the other end of the field house as long as the cameras were looking there. Still, it would've felt more real if I was close enough to actually look at him. I see him on screens all the time after all.

The line outside was a joke though. I actually stopped by a little before Rudy Giuliani's presentation finished and there were just about 8 people there playing frisbee behind some signs that said "Jon Stewart line starts HERE" - it felt silly to stand there for two more hours though, so when tenthz and starfreak359 came out from seeing Rudy, we went out for dinner. When we got back, the line was wrapping all the way around the field house back to the SLC. Then after we got in it, it kept wrapping around more walkways and made a full circle back to the starting point. So when they finally opened the gates, you guessed it, people at the end of the line decided they were closer to the door already and the stairs were wide enough to add more lines, so to hell with managed queues. Whatever.

Anyway, jannygirl gave a better recap than I ever could, including 10 great photos showing Jon having fun with the realtime captioner and other things. Check it out. :)
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