September 10th, 2005



I'm playing Yahoo Pool and this moron comes to my table and we start to play. After my first shot or two, he tells me "Turn off your aimer. It has been detected."

Ok, I know what an aimer is, supposedly, although I've never seen one. Apparenly some people are so obsessed with their Yahoo Pool ratings that they use this aiming program to help them see how their shots will go. But instead of acknowledging my awareness of that, I just play dumb: "Aimer?"

"Yes, you're using an aimer. I paid $65 for this detector and it has never failed me!"

ROFL! I wish I had thought of that. If I had written a useless "detector" program that just randomly says anyone is using an aimer, that could've been $65 in MY pocket! :) And just imagine all the other morons who would pay for it, too.

That's my new goal in life... To figure out what idiots want and sell them something that isn't it. :)
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