April 17th, 2004


Typer Shark

Typer Shark

Difficulty level: 70wpm (expert)

Score: 801525
Level: 9
Time: 23:13
Words Per Minute: 84
Accuracy: 94%
Rank: Expert Diver

Accuracy is hurt by the game format a bit... once you start typing a word, your only option is to keep typing it, which means if you miss the last letter of one word then go on to type other words, every letter you type is "wrong" even though it would've been right for the words you were trying. Sometimes I'd finish a word with an extra letter that happens to be the first letter of a nother word, and then instead of typing the next word I had in mind, I have to find the word that it thinks I started typing because that's the only one it will let me finish. It also took a level or two for me to get used to typing words without hitting space between them. Space pauses the game, I think.

Fun though. :)
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