September 23rd, 2003


Multi-Purpose Dream

I had a job... that's the first good part about this dream. I was near the end of a row of 6 to 8 cubicles with walls just tall enough to see over when standing up. For some reason, when I got there, I stood up against the inside corner of my cube, looking down over the walls of the length of the row, just kinda hanging out with my arms resting on the tops of the walls, like I was kneeling on a school bus seat against a window or something. In the cubicle diagonally adjacent to mine (behind me and to my right) was a very cute girl. (This is the second good part about this dream.) She passed me a tiny piece of paper that unfolded into the shape of a heart with a message on it saying something like "I loved the heart :)". I wasn't sure what it meant but it was clear that we had been flirting for a while. I was grinning from ear to ear when I woke up.

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