July 22nd, 2003


Stormy Lake...

So, Mom and I drove down to my sister's to watch her kids while she went to the foot doctor. I brought my bathing suit but I saw the dark blob on radar before we left so I didn't have high hopes...

Elizabeth's cast is off her arm but she has a wrist brace and is doing physical therapy, and has feeling back in all but one finger. Hopefully those piano-playing days are just around the corner. :)

Spencer seems to think I care about nothing in the world but the capabilities of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 in the hands of a 7-year-old. But I do find it amusing (if not frustrating) how he thinks increasing the loan is the only way to get more money to build stuff, while I had never known there WAS a loan and always made my parks earn their own money. When he ran out and the loan could be increased no more, he drew the screen onto a piece of paper and added more rides by drawing them. It was sad. I tried to teach him the concept of earning money and even got him to build 2 food places and a restroom. He got more guests and money for a short time, but didn't ride the wave and eventually he was in the red again. So he started a new game.

Emily has yet to learn the difference between disinterest and hearing impairment. "You watch TV! ... You watch TV! ... You watch TV, uncle Dan! ... You watch TV! ... You watch TV! ... You watch TV! ..."

Kate and I carried the kayak down to the water in hopes that I might try it out. But as I started to consider it later, I thought I heard a rumble of thunder. I walked outside to listen more. I decided to walk down to the boat house. By the time I got there, it had started raining.

I sat in the swing looking out over the water as the rain gradually got heavier. I watched the rain drops hitting the surface of the water and listened to the tiny clicks of the close ones and the hiss of all the ones in the distance mixed together. Then I watched the ripples each drop made and how they interfered with each other when they got to the water sheltered under the boat house, making a neat frosted-glass effect on the surface. Then I thought about whether all the tiny raindrop ripples on the whole lake would eventually cause enough interference to level out the lake's waves. Eventually, they did. All the while, the thunder got closer, and the rain got heavier. I saw a few lightning bolts across the lake, but was baffled by the lack of direct sound from them. The first rumble came from my side of the lake, gradually spreading out over the sky, but never from the direction of the bolt I saw. No bolt-like direct cracks from any direction at all. I was also fascinated by lighting bolts I didn't see directly though, as they changed the white balance of my eyes. The general color of the overcast sky, tree line and the lake's reflection of it was a greyish green, but when lightning lit up the clouds, it added reds and pinks to everything. Or at least so it seemed. If lightning light is always pure white, then that would explain why it appears blue when it appears in skies filled with orange artificial light to which our eyes have color-adjusted. Likewise, if my eyes had color-adjusted to a slight green, then pure white lightning would appear the opposite hue, which is pink.

Anyway, I felt like nature was really speaking to me. In fact it even called out my name. No, wait, that was just my mom looking for me. Seems I had disappeared and it was time for us to go.
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