March 23rd, 2003


Check it out!

They're called "toasters," and pretty soon they'll be popping up in stores everywhere! Nearly everyone will have one! It's an amazing new technology!


Ok, so toasters aren't that new of a thing. And neither are wireless networks!!!

I don't unerstand all this hype lately over "Wi-Fi"... they come up with this new term for an old technology and the press gobbles it up like slop.

Wireless networks have been in homes for several years now. Off-the-shelf technology. Nothing fancy. So now that businesses and municipalities are putting access points in more public places, suddenly it's called new technology? And by the way, I wouldn't doubt that some of the Internet Cafes were already wireless years ago. Yet, cafes are listed among the places that "hot spots" will be popping up.

And as if it's not bad enough just to hype something old, it's not even that good! The news articles say it's a pain to pay for the service in places where it's not free. And it's like early cell phone services where there were huge penalties for changing companies and stuff, being locked into year-long contracts.

Stop hyping this nonsense!

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