March 8th, 2003


Mmmmmm... Hockey

A whole 7 hours of it, too. :) Well, that's the time spent at the rink anyway, from 2:30-9:30. Condensed here for your convenience: First Elmira beat Manhattanville 5-3 in the afternoon, which meant the winner of the evening game would play Elmira tomorrow night. (I say that like we weren't sure RIT would win... yeah right!) Then we stayed in our seats for the evening game of RIT vs Hobart right afterwards, and RIT won 6-2. Yeah Tigers! Ryan Fairbarn got a hat trick, too. Way to go!

One memorable moment in the game came near the end of one of the periods (2nd?) when the clock was running down and the crowd started counting with it. "9!!! 8!!! 7!!! 6!!! 5!!!" ... and then the ref blows his whistle and play is stopped. Then the DJ comes in right away with his music for the stoppage of play: "4 3 2 1 Went out the barrel of the gun..."

Priceless. :)

RIT vs. Elmira at the Ritter Saturday night for the ECAC championship. It'll be a rowdy one for sure. :)
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