February 11th, 2003


A Dream?

In some bizarre representation of war, Pres. Bush was driving a slow Olympia ice surfacing machine and thinking he was winning, while Saddam was driving a real Zamboni which was going much faster and attacking Bush while still cutting his own ice very well at the same time. But it didn't seem so much to mean that Saddam was more powerful, but that Bush was naive and full of himself. This was taking place in our neighbor's back yard for some reason, but Saddam wasn't there - we were aware of him through TV or something.

Then later I found that we were in front of the house, and a storm was picking up. (It was summer.) We were all talking about it like we knew it was coming, almost like it was some form of attack... again with the war stuff. Then it got really dark with high winds and streaking rain, like it would be drawn in a comic book using long lines. I looked out and saw a vortex forming at the end of our neighbor's driveway heading straight for us at our front door... I yelled, "Tornado!" even though it seemed a bit small, no wider than a car and not very tall... it wasn't connected to the clouds... but I ran into the house anyway to take cover. I felt myself lifted up off floor a little and then put back down gently, then it suddenly got very peaceful, but I was scared to death because it felt like a "calm before the storm" and I feared what was about to come. Then I woke up.
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