February 9th, 2003


Elmira 5, RIT 5

What a day...

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Fortunately we were still able to get tickets and we found Paul and Kathy and the rest of the Corner Crew. But there were only 2 seats near Paul so Catherine and I sat there while Heather and Ryan had to find seats elsewhere. :(

As for the game, you can read the recap here, but basically RIT got the first 3 goals, then Elmira came pack to tie it, then took one more to lead 4-3. RIT answers: 4-4. Elmira takes the lead again at 5-4. RIT ties it again at 5-5. Nobody scores in overtime. It kept both sets of fans on their toes for sure.

As for MY toes, they were quite frozen by the end of the night. The dome isn't heated at all apparently, just the hallways. I got the feeling back in my toes after a half hour or so in the warm car. :)

Fortunately, getting OUT of Elmira wasn't as difficult, but it wasn't without a snag. See, a sign told me to go this way to get on 17 West. So I did. Then out of nowhere comes a sign that says "Exit: 17 West" ... what the...!?! I thought I was ON 17 west, but apparently not. Well I missed the "exit" from the road I was on to the road I was on because I was too confused by its existence to react to it. But oh well, the road I ended up on went in the same direction, and I was able to find gas before we got back on 17 so that was good.

Speaking of gas, I figure Komey owes me for the 1/8 of a tank that I wasted on his poor directions. :-P