January 11th, 2003


Wouldn't you like to have a journal, too?

As I was paying for my groceries at Wegmans just now, the girl running the check-out line commented on my LiveJournal t-shirt. She said she had a journal here. :) We should've exchanged usernames. Oh well. Her nametag said Shirly... or Shirley, but I don't remember the e.

Just saw LotR:TTT for the first time. Yes, yes, it took me this long. Can you ever forgive me? Well anyway, it was pretty cool. I liked Legolas's method of mounting a charging horse. Very nice. :) One thing that stuck out to me was how similar Gollum looks, acts and speaks, to Harry Potter's house elf Dobby. I'm not saying either one copied the other and I don't care. The characters are quite different as written in the books, I'm sure. But I think the character designers for the movies could have tried a little harder to not make one remind people of the other. If they didn't give it any thought in that respect, they should have.

And I know Gollum was in the first LotR movie long before Dobby was in the second Harry Potter movie (at least in terms of release to us... I dunno about the design process) ... but Gollum didn't seem so similar to Dobby in the first film. Only in the second one does he change from a mysterious creepy cave-crawling thing to a bashful wimpy nuisance like Dobby.

I noticed that on some close-ups of Gollum they were shaking the camera just to show that they could. :-P They need to learn to shoot digital characters as if they're real people. How would they shoot the scene if Gollum was played by a real actor who looks like that? That's how they should shoot it for a digital character. But nevertheless, Gollum is the best (technically) digital character in a live action film to date.