December 27th, 2002


Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, Dec 24
Got up, packed my church clothes and my wrapped presents, and headed home in the late morning to help mom decorate the cut-out cookies. I made cool snowflake designs on the round ones. :)

Checked out Honor's eight adorable puppies repeatedly.

Andy's family came over to have our traditional lasagna dinner with us that night.

Went to Christmas Eve church service, which was at 10pm instead of 11pm this year. Fortunately the organist was feeling well enough to play despite a recently discovered heart condition. So I got to hear his very cool Joy to the World modulating interlude once again. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. :)

Wednesday, Dec 25
Woke up when I felt like it, and did Christmas with my parents, Rick and the dogs when we felt like it. And with all the snow, it really LOOKED like Christmas! :-D
Gift log:

That was all for this round. I spent the rest of the day watching all 3 DVDs in the Back to the Future trilogy, admiring the snow, and shoveling the driveway when it slowed down. We had spaghetti for dinner. Yum!

I hadn't planned to stay that night, but the snow caused an order of no unnecessary travel for the county. So I stuck around.

Thursday, Dec 26
I woke up around 9am and hopped in the shower. We drove over and Kate's family drove up and we all met at Andy's house for another Christmas. Another gift log:

  • ornament made of pipe cleaner and beads (from Elizabeth)

  • ornament with popped corn inside (from Spencer)

  • Desert Water Musical Fountain (from Kate & Vic)

  • bag of products branded by pharmaceutical companies (from Kate & Vic)

  • jar of home-made grape jelly (from Kate & Vic)

  • "Songs of Christmas 3" home mix CD (from Andy & Kim)

and that's it for round 2. Christmas is officially over. After opening presents, we hung around and played some video games, ate lunch, and later Andy took all the kids outside for a dip in the hot tub. That's news to me. I didn't know they got that. It's rather weird seeing people walk out the door in bathing suits when it's 30° with a foot of snow outside. :)

Kate's family took off, and Mom, Dad, Rick and I headed back home. I played piano a bit, checked out the adorable puppies some more, watched the DVD of Phish: Live in Las Vegas with Rick (my gift to him), we ordered pizza for dinner, and I came back here.

Looks like I'm back on my schedule of a 3am bedtime. lol
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