November 23rd, 2002


Do you eat cole slaw?

Yes, it may be from The Onion, but it's so true. :)

85 Percent Of U.S. Cole Slaw Remains Uneaten
WASHINGTON, DC—According to a report released Monday by the Department of Sides and Garnishes, 85 percent of U.S. cole slaw is never consumed. "Extensive surveying of restaurant bus tubs and waste bins indicates that for every 120 tons of slaw produced, only 18 tons end up being eaten," the study reported. The study focused exclusively on U.S. restaurants, as there is no evidence that anyone has ever made cole slaw for home consumption.

I usually ask them to leave the cole slaw out of my orders, but sometimes they offer to replace it with something else, which is cool.

Poll #77883 cole slaw

Do you eat cole slaw? (check all that apply)

Yes! I love it!
I even eat it at home!
It's ok.
I ask to have it left off or replaced.
Whenever it comes with a dinner I never touch it.
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