October 26th, 2002


"Z A M B O N I!!!"

Tigers beat the Wisconsin Eau Claire "Blugolds" 9-1 tonight, but that's not why I'm here...

After the first period, the lights were turned off and a smoke machine started near the Zamboni door. Spot lights fly around, music starts playing and the siren begins to wail as Stu drives onto the ice in a brand new Zamboni sporting a shiny black finish and orange lettering with FLAME details around the fender and wheel wells, and CHROME WHEELS! This thing looks like a monster straight out of the A-Team. KICK-ASS!!! It even has Stu's name painted near the back on the sides. I wish I had my camera tonight. Oh man...

As Stu entered the rink and began doing donuts with the new Zamboni in front of a roaring crowd, a 10-foot blimp was launched into the air. Black with an orange and white tiger head on the front, it was flown around the inside of the rink between periods by remote control. It's a very sleek design using just 3 fans, two of them that can be angled up, straight or down for propulsion, climbing or diving. All those controls PLUS a camera fit inside a unit on the bottom of the blimp no bigger than a shoe. Behind the corner crew they set up a TV that was picking up the signal transmitted from the cam. That was so cool. :)

Tomorrow night we get to slap those "Blugolds" around again. What the heck is a Blugold anyway? Well, tomorrow I'll definitely bring my camera and get some cool shots of the new Zamboni, and the blimp if they do that again too. :)
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