October 13th, 2002


Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood

I saw them at RIT last night! Kick-ass. :)

When I got there an hour before the show, the line was already 50 yards long. I saw tenthz with her family near the beginning of the line, but walked along the rest of it to see if I could find moosez and quilynn. They weren't anywhere to be seen, so I went back to stand with Catherine and her family. Pretty soon after that, the line start moving in. So we reserved two seats. Eventually they found their way in and sat with us.

The show got underway and they did a bunch of the usual acts from Whose Line, such as Questions Only, Moving Bodies, and the one where they insert lines into a scene from pieces of paper submitted by the audience. They also did one that seems to be unique to live shows (Wayne Brady did it too) where one guy leaves the stage so he can't hear the other guy getting the audience to come up with a ridiculous situation for him to figure out, then he comes back and has to act out a scene while trying to figure out what the situation is. So, Colin fled the scene, escorted by a girl from the audience who said he was cute. When he came back he had to figure out that he had eaten a bald alien at Gracies under the salad bar using a salmon and a sundial. That only took about 40 minutes. LOL

Afterwards, Cindi and Jeremy and I went to Friendly's, where apparently I had some bad karma. I ordered an Orange Sherbet Slammer, and when she brought out the other drinks she said she'll be back with mine shortly because another waitress dropped it, so they're making another one. Ok. Then later she came out with the meals. She put plates in front of Jeremy and Cindi, then worked up the gumption to inform me that she accidentally dropped my plate in the kitchen and they're making a new one right away. She apologized profusely, then left for a minute and came back to tell me the manager said I could have a free soup, salad, sundae or something for my trouble. Well, a soup wouldn't really go along with the Orange Sherbet Slammer very well, plus that would be a terrible mess to clean up if they dropped it. And I'm not a salad person, so I opted for a dessert: Strawberry-Banana Cyclone. Yum. :)

Oh, and on Friday I thought there was supposed to be that "Skate with the Tigers" thing from 7-9pm, so I showed up at around 7:30 skates-in-hand looking for people I knew. Well, there wasn't anyone there at all. The skate rental window was closed and there was like one person in the lobby and maybe 3 people on the ice. So I started walking down the hall away from the rink to go to the SAU through the tunnels. Part of the way down the hall, I hear "Hey... Hello..." so I turn around and it's the one person from the lobby, this girl with short, spiked, orange hair. I'm like, "do I know you?" although I think I would remember knowing someone with a head like that. She asked me if I worked there or if I'm a student or something. I said I'm an alumnus. She said she's supposed to be working there but she doesn't know what she's doing. Probably a new student who is starting work at the rink, I figure. But now that she knew I didn't work there, why was she still talking to me? She said something to the effect of "oh, I'm sorry, I just thought maybe you'd want to talk or something." That doesn't sound right though. It was something she said, combined with maybe her facial expressions, that led me to think that she felt ashamed to have hoped to get to know me. So in a moment of flattery, said something reassuring. But at the same time I guess I had an appearance of urgency to continue down the hall, and I had mentioned that I was looking for some friends, so she let me go, but I told her I'd probably be back. As I'm walking down the hall I'm thinking, "Wow, was I just hit on?"

I found Jeremy up at the concession stand outside Ingle. We hung out there until about 8:15 and then went to check out the rink again. This time there were lots of people there, but none of the Men's Hockey Team, and nobody else we knew, so we left. Jeremy said he was hungry, so we decided to head over to Cindi's and maybe we'd order pizza. He headed to his car, I headed to mine, by way of the hockey rink. I saw the girl again, working near the ticketing window. The guy at the window seemed eager to help me but I said I wasn't sure if I'd be staying... the girl said "Still looking for them, huh?" I said yeah, and asked her if she figured out what she was supposed to be doing there, and she said yeah. So I took one last look around the lobby and the rink but still didn't see anyone I knew (not that I'd stay if I did, since I was on my way over to Cindi's) and then took off. I guess I just needed to feel closure on that or something. I told her I'd be back, so I wanted to stick to my word.

Over at Cindi's I told Jeremy about the encounter, and upon hearing about her orange spiky hair he said he sort of knew her, and suggested that if that's who she was, she's not a new student, wasn't hitting on me, and I wouldn't want her to be anyway. Well gee, thanks for bursting my bubble. :-P
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