July 14th, 2002


Suzy's Super Sassy Slick Swim Shindig 3

A bunch of people had a great time at Suzy's 3rd annual party... I brought a tray of fruit as my dish to pass and that was a pretty big hit. We played some volleyball, went swimming, had creative diving contests, watched some awesome juggling, and had a sing-along with me at the piano. We even sang Albuquerque entirely from our cumulative memories. :)

Not everyone made it though. There were rumors why Tracy and Sean might not show up but I refuse to assume anything. It would've been nice to see them. Oh well. There were plenty of people for a while, but everyone left a bit early and there were only 5 people left after 8:30, whereas in previous years many people stayed well into the night and even swam in the dark. Well we found ways to have fun as a small group so it wasn't all bad. We enjoyed throwing my light-up UFO frisbee for a little while, and then had the sing-along at the piano. That finished up the night.

I forgot my little cooler bag that I brought the fruit in, but I had bought it brand new just for today so it's not like I need it on a regular basis or anything. And I also grabbed someone else's sandals that look like mine by mistake, so I'll have to get those back to their rightful owner somehow.

All in all, a great day. :)

Tomorrow I'm going with another group of friends to a Civil War reenactment. That should be fun. I'll probably get some good pictures.
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