June 27th, 2002


I made it!

I'm updating from my grandparents computer... The flights went pretty well. I needed sleep but couldn't get any. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't comfortable enough or if I had a subconscious need to stay attentive, being my first time and not knowing what to expect.

The first leg to D.C. was on a tiny 36-seat prop plane. I had a window seat but it was difficult to see much with the wing right there. Despite being a tiny flight, they still served a drink and a nutri-grain bar. Yummy.

I got to D.C. and took the mobile lounge over to the other concourse to pick up my next flight. Thanks opalcat for explaining that to me. :) The next leg was on a 777 I think... with two aisles... 9 seats wide total. Each seat had an LCD video screen where you could watch movie/tv channels or view a live map of the flight. That was damn cool. Like a Weather Channel style info loop about the flight, showing direction, location, altitude, outside air temperature, you name it. And they handed out headphones so we could listen to the video channels or music channels. One channel had the airline communications frequency, so I could hear them mentioning our flight number and confirming course changes, then I'd see it take effect on the map. Wicked. :) I watched Monsters Inc., too. I didn't have a window seat though... I was one away, so I only got a glimpse now and then. But again, we were over the wing. They served breakfast on that flight... egg muffin with cheese... yuck... but I was starving so I ate it. And there was a banana too... good, except that it was refrigerated. At times I almost felt nauseous, not from flying but from the combination of being tired and the food I ate. And I couldn't sleep.

The departure was delayed about a half hour so we were late arriving in Denver, and my next flight was departing from a gate on the other end of the concourse like 2 minutes after I walked off. After nearly falling the first time I stepped onto the moving walkway (and learning the style for the next two) I made it to the gate and found that despite the monitors saying it was on time, it was actually delayed because the flight crew wasn't all there yet. Whew.

The final leg was on a smaller jet... only 6 seats per row. It felt more like a wide coach bus, especially in terms of the seat upholstry and overhead compartment doors. And I had a window seat so that was cool. I saw the dam as we approached Boise. Had a nice soft landing and got off and found my parents waiting for me, then immediately ran for a bathroom. :)

Well we just had dinner here and we're about to go out and visit my aunt and uncle. More later. :)
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