May 23rd, 2002


Oh dear...

'N Sync Member to Try Space Travel

I wonder what a pop dancer would look like in zero Gs.

Well anyway, tonight was interesting. Some of my friends felt like getting together one last time before they all head home for the summer. So we decide to meet at RIT's game room at 6pm and shoot some pool, then possibly go to someone's place to play games.

Cindi wanted some pictures of some of her artwork from this quarter, so I was glad to offer my services with my digital camera. We decided to meet at her place a little before 6 to do that. Well I ran a little late and didn't get there 'til 5:50ish. We finished taking photos and headed to the game room by about 6:15.

As I'm driving, I realize that the closest lot, U, is closed due to the commencement tent they erected. So we figured we'd have to park in S and walk from there. It's farther than we thought. :) So it took us about 15 minutes to walk and we didn't get to the game room until about 6:30.

The game room was closed. D'oh!

Cindi and I wander around to figure out where people might have gone when they came at 6pm and found it closed. We looked in the Ritz... nobody there. We looked upstairs in the SAU lobby and fireside... nope.

Then I get the idea to find a computer and sign on to see if anybody else is online. The lab in the RITreat was open, so we go there and Cindi signs on to AIM Express. Suddenly she receives a message from Heather. It turns out she and Ryan went to the library to sign on from the computers in there. LOL

So Ryan O. and Heather walk over to meet me and Cindi, but there's still no sign of Ryan J. We decide to go to Cindi's apartment and play a game that Heather has. I prided myself in coming up with a brilliant plan... Since it's just as far of a walk to Heather's room as it is to my car in S lot, I had her and Ryan walk to her room to get her game, while Cindi and I walk to my car and I drive her to her apartment so she can clean up a bit while I drive across campus to pick up Heather and Ryan from their room. Wow, what a plan! I was so proud. LOL So we left a little note on the game room door just in case Ryan J. shows up looking for us, then head our separate ways.

We all arrived at Cindi's shortly and went about figuring out how Heather's game is played. It's called "O'Really". Basically it's one of those know-the-other-players types of games. We had to answer questions about ourselves on pieces of paper that a reader reads to a guesser, who has to figure out which answer was whose. The guesser and reader rotate for each round. By the 3rd round, Ryan J. showed up. He joined in and we played one more round, then decided to do something else.


Cindi had nice orange Frisbee that was easy to see, but unfortunately it had a strange attraction to water. Eventually it got too dark to see even a bright orange Frisbee, so we gave up and started to go back inside. But first, Cindi takes off her jacket and decides to do a floor routine right there on the grass. Very impressive. :) See, she had taken gymnastics in the past and all. And seeing the wide open expanse of grass, she just couldn't resist the urge. Understandable. I feel the same way when I'm near a piano. :) Ok, so she does that and we're all wowed and then go back inside. Now what?

I flipped a coin... "Heads we go to Borders for chai (tea), tails we don't stay here." It was heads, so we went to Borders.

It was so weird being there on a Wednesday. We usually go on Mondays. We must've caught the cafe staff totally off guard. She rushed into the back room to get a pitcher of chai as soon as we entered the store. :)

So we sat and talked for a long time. Until the place closed at 11, actually. Then we went outside.

And stayed outside.

Somehow we just kept having more and more stuff to say, and nobody was impatient enough to just say "Ok, let's leave now."

After seeing Cindi bounce around the parking lot like Yoda wielding a light saber, tap dance for 2 minutes straight, and do a balance beam routine on one of the lines of the parking lot, we came to the conclusion that the chai was extra strong tonight. See, on Mondays we come in every week and get chai and get pretty rowdy, so we figured the staff started to water down our chai so we wouldn't get so hyper in their establishment. But when we made a surprise appearance on a Wednesday, they didn't have any watered-down chai prepared for us, so we got full strength. Yup, that explains it. :)

Well, it was fun seeing my friends one last time before they head home for the summer. We said our goodbyes and finally got into our cars to head home, and the clock on my radio read 12:00. Yes, we managed to stand out there in the parking lot for an entire hour! Holy smokes.

So then I came home and watched the season finale of Enterprise. Very confusing episode.

Well, despite the chai, I'm yawning now so I could probably get some sleep.
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