April 12th, 2002


Dammit, John Schmidt!

Why did you have to go and compose such an addictive piece of piano music? Now I can't stop practicing and my arms hurt!

I know the whole thing now but I don't think I've gotten all the way through without stopping yet. Plus I don't have a full 88 keys to play on so I need to transpose down an octave in the middle of the piece, and even doing so I still miss a few high notes (rather than a lot of low ones).

And if my arms are getting worn out on my keyboard, I'd hate to imagine what will happen on a real piano. Oy. Well, maybe all this practicing will build up the muscles so I can eventually play it on a real piano and maybe pick up the tempo too.
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I recorded this with my synthesizer in 3 takes... stitched 'em together. It still needs work. I don't think I've been able to play all the way through without stopping yet.

2.8MB MP3
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