April 9th, 2002


Changes at Wegmans!

After Borders tonight I went grocery shopping... Wow, Wegmans made some changes! All the checkout registers have been replaced with these slick systems with touch screens for the customers and flat panel monitors for the employees. And unlike a student project in an Interface Design class at RIT, this new system scores a 10 (out of 10 :-P) for usability and all that jazz. The learning curve is like... non-existent.

Ok, on the old system, I first had to push a button to select my method of payment, swipe that card, enter my pin (because I chose debit instead of credit for personal reasons) then select the type of shoppers club card (card or key chain) and then swipe that.

On the new system, it just says "swipe payment or shoppers club card to begin" so I just swipe my payment card, select debit, enter the pin, then select card (as opposed to key chain) and swipe that. Ok, so for me it only removed one step. But for all the various methods of payment, it's very streamlined. I assume if you're paying by cash or check, you just start by swiping your shopper's club card. And who knows, maybe it even remembers your most common payment method and defaults to that after a while. I wouldn't be surprised. The system is very well-done. :)

Not just that, but they apparently made a lot of changes to the way they operate and price stuff. They threw a flyer into my bag that talks about all the changes, such as how they won't be doing sales as much now, just having constant lower prices.

So anyway, I guess Wegmans hired a really good IT consulting team, and I wasn't on it. :-P
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