March 25th, 2002


Glad I'm not the only one...

I'm not exactly a Creed fan, but I do like the song "Higher". But until I looked up the lyrics just now, I was never sure what the heck he was singing in the chorus, which repeats many many times during the song. Here's what I hear:

Can you take me higher
To a place wherellliiiigheeaaanzheee
Can you take me higher
To a place with golden streams

Ok, so the 2nd line I never figured out. I thought it could be many things. To a place where I'm conceived? That seems a bit arrogant, plus when I think those words while listening to the song it doesn't fit. But of all the words I could think of that fit the vague vowel clues I have to work with, those were the only ones that made any sense at all.

I was sure about the 4th line, at least. So I Googled for that phrase "to a place with golden streams" and found the site, an entire site about misheard lyrics.

Get this, on Creed's page of the site, more than half of the entires are for the song "Higher"... Go check it out. Some of them are pretty funny. :)

One of the first ones I thought was funny was "to a place where blind men see". Hehehe... That's a good one. That's... that's when I realized those were the CORRECT lyrics! Woah.

And furthermore, the 4th line I was so sure of was actually wrong! This page hit my Google search because "golden streams" is one of the misheard versions. It's actually "to a place with golden streets".


One of my favorites has to be this one though:

"Can you take me higher... to a place where linemen see." LOL! We should use that as a hockey cheer at RIT games when the refs are bad. Someplace probably already does, I'm sure.

Boy I wish I could sleep.
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