March 16th, 2002


Dueling Monitors

Well, dual monitors is more like it. Yeah! ATI finally released an updated driver for my video card so now I can extend my desktop onto a second display (my TV). Before all I could do was clone one display onto the other... so like, I could watch a DVD on the TV but it would play on the monitor too (well, not really, because the video overlay only works on one display at a time - whichever is set to primary - the other only sees black where the video would be).

So anyway... now I can put some applications over on the TV to get them out of my way... like my buddy lists... and Winamp...

I don't see any way to play a DVD on the TV while using my monitor for other things just yet, but I'll figure something out. All I could get so far is to change the primary display to be the TV, which puts my start menu and desktop icons over there... then the monitor becomes the secondary display... But that doesn't really solve anything because I would want the start menu to be on the display that's NOT playing the DVD. Oh well. Maybe I'll write to ATI and ask them what they think. :)
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