March 7th, 2002



Definition of a bitch: someone who signs on, doesn't say hi, immediately trashes your friends, calls you gay, and runs away.

poekitty18: do you think your friend wants her son to grow up to be a pussy?
Thwack318: ask me a serious question and maybe I'll answer.
poekitty18: that is serious
poekitty18: she is totally jeoprodizing his future.
poekitty18: he isnt going to know how to be a man if he sits around fagging out
Thwack318: Talk like you have a brain and I might listen to you.
Thwack318: Any intelligent person would have started this conversation with "Have you read Opal's latest LJ entry about her son?" But instead you leave me to figure that out on my own. I guess we know who has the brains here.
poekitty18 signed off at 9:42:49 PM.
poekitty18 signed on at 9:42:55 PM.
Thwack318: Is this about his necklace store???
poekitty18: it just seems very odd
poekitty18: and i asked a few people about it.
poekitty18: proffessors
poekitty18: they say its good to teach money skills, etc, but a child has to be influenced by thier own gender roles.
Thwack318: She's teaching the kid about our society and how businesses work... it doesn't matter what he's selling... he's too young to know or care what a faggot is, and you can't label someone that until they're old enough to understand what it means.
Thwack318: So you're basically telling every mother not to raise her son and every father not to raise his daughter? That's rich.
poekitty18: you dont understand what im saying
poekitty18: raise the kid to be a boy, not a little girl
poekitty18: my sister in law is doing the same thing to my nephew
poekitty18: he wants to play with make up and shit
Thwack318: You're a homophobe.
poekitty18: oh, i am.
Thwack318: It's perfectly normal for a child's actions to cross gender lines before they're old enough to know where that line is drawn.
poekitty18: yes. i am homophobic
poekitty18: the lines are drawn before the age of 3
poekitty18: if you have ever read a psych book
poekitty18: i am the biggest gay loving homophob
poekitty18: that is why i am bisexual.
poekitty18: because i hate gay people.
Thwack318: Yeah, I'm sure you've read plenty of psych books but you're applying knowledge incorrectly.
poekitty18: i think you are gay too.
Thwack318: We're talking about different lines.
poekitty18: i dont think so
poekitty18: but, whatever
poekitty18: i hate gay people.
poekitty18: so, what do i know about anything from school?
poekitty18: hey, find a job yet with your degree?
poekitty18 signed off at 9:51:43 PM.

By the way, I had to click Ignore for about 20 spelling errors in this entry, all of them hers.
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