February 20th, 2002



Hahahaha... Oh man... This is something I missed when I lived alone... Fun with roommates. :) I got home tonight and found the living room in a bit of disorder... One of the CD racks was away from the stereo, against a wall by itself, with a cardboard box and some sort of target on top of it with holes. So I asked... "Darts?"

Chris says "no" then pulls out an automatic gun and empties a clip of plastic BBs into the target! Jamie had one too... I guess earlier they were having a little battle in the apartment with them. :) They can be shot at people and don't hurt much... obviously not wise to shoot at the face though... heh.

Well I said "I have a cool gun too" and went into my room to get my semi-automatic rubber band gun. :) It holds like 15 rubber bands loaded onto a spinning gear behind the hammer and each gear holds the back end of one rubber band and advances forward each time the trigger is released. So I loaded it up and went out into the living room and unloaded it on Jamie. :) Then a 3-way battle ensued during which most of their time was spent looking for tiny blue BBs and most of my time was spent loading my rubber bands. Hehehe... But when their guns were loaded they would hide behind couches and walls and try to get each other. Oh what a blast... :)
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